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Live Post Production is a Los Angeles based company specializing Color Correction, Archival, and DIT work. We also manufacture a line of products, CineCoil. If you need an LTO backup or Color Correction, we have you covered.  




Color can change the entire feel of a project. 

We offer coloring for commercials, shorts, and even feature films.

Working with DaVinci Resolve and an AVID control surface, we are able to correct footage to meet the style and aesthetic of any project.

We use professional broadcast monitors and equipment to make sure what you see is what you get.

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What happens after you shoot? Are you keeping everything on tons of drives?

We can archive material on LTO tapes for long term, 30 + year storage!

Or you can rent it and do it yourself over Thunderbolt 2!

It's safer, cheaper, and cross-platform compatible!

This ain't your mama's 8-track.

《 DIT 》

 Digital Imaging Technician


As a DIT we take care of all aspects of getting your footage from set to editorial safely.   

We offload footage from the camera to multiple drives to ensure backup of

your footage is safe and sound.

Depending on the project, we do a one light,  a light color correction to make your footage look its best.  

If a project needs transcoding, such as with a 4K camera, or any one light, we can perform this operation

either on site or off. Daily PDF logs show you exactly what, and how much footage you shot that day.

Each production has its different needs and budgets and we can usually accommodate both.

When it comes to DITs, professional is best. Our DITs are IATSE Local 600.


 - films we have worked on -

Allegiance - Blue Caprice - Adult World - Pawn - Bad Milo - Dealin' with Idiots - 1982 - 

The Shells - The Heist - Other People's Children - Home - Camp X-Ray


Production is just the beginning.  

When clients and producers need to review footage right away, we are able to play back footage on set.  

For longer productions or features, we deliver dailies on iPad, ready for viewing the next morning.  

Key crew member can make notes, circle takes, and send all this information right to the editor.

We provide syncing, transcoding, and AE work to get your project ready for post production. 


Wouldn't you like to wake up to this? 


We strive to bring the best possible product to the world.

Sometimes it's content, sometimes it's tangible.  

Last year we released our first line of products, CineCoil. A line of coil cables for video and power

distribution. Our cables are in over 10 retailers here in the US, and can be found in

almost every major film supply retailer, and in over 40 countries world wide. 

We continue to invent new cables, and help bring new smart solutions to the filmmaking community.  

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