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Miss 'Between Two Ferns'? Watch Funny or Die's new talk show parody.

Checkout this article from USA Today about the new Funny or Die show we are doing color for. -

With Zach Galifianakis' Between Two Ferns only airing new episodes sporadically, where should you go to get your spoofy talk show fix?

Presenting ... Ben Schwartz's The Earliest Show, co-produced by Funny or Die and Cap'n Crunch.

Schwartz, who's best known for his roles on Parks & Recreation and House of Lies, stars and directs the series that "took the exact script Zach (Galifianakis) uses," he says. "If you've seen Between Two Ferns, you've seen this."

Yes, he's being sarcastic.

In fact, The Earliest Show is a glossy, highly-produced six-episode series (as opposed to Galifianakis' purposefully low budget-looking show), that parodies dozens of morning shows Schwartz has guested on and watched.

"I DVR'd every morning show for three days in a row, and watched hours and hours of exactly how they moved the camera," he says. His comedy pulls from Live With Kelly, with its own prominent "Gelman"-type producer,  and Today, with cooking segments that get turned on their heads. For example: A fitness segment stars a woman with small gym equipment who lives in a closet.

The show's anchors are Samantha Newman (Lauren Lapkus) and Josh Bath (Schwartz), the latter who sing-talks much like Schwartz's Parks character Jean-Ralphio does. In the series premiere, Josh is an optimist in love who wants to propose to his girlfriend on-air. Things don't go as planned.

Josh (Ben Schwartz) proposes to his girlfriend on-air in the first episode of 'Earliest Show.' As you can tell by her facial expression, it doesn't go as planned. (Photo: Courtesy The Earliest Show)

The series follows Josh going through the five stages of grief, episode-by-episode. In essence, the series "shows the audience what the form of this happy talk show is, and destroys it, with my character descending into madness," Schwartz says.

And there are some guests along for the ride: Jake Johnson (New Girl), Thomas Middleditch(Silicon Valley), Reggie Watts (The Late Late Show With James Corden) and Pedro Pascal(Narcos) all make appearances.

This isn't the first time Schwartz has worked in the talk-show space. He hosted Attack of the Show for a week in 2012, has written plenty of monologue jokes for comedians including David Letterman and co-hosted The Late Late Show in front of no audience, in an episode that went viral last year. The latter gig, he said, "was like a real-time train-wreck. It felt like, 'Oh my God, what's happening?' There was no audience. I had no idea if it was funny or not."

He has a much better outlook on Earliest Show, which "looks like how it looked in my head."

We just finished color on Sean Dunne's latest film "American Juggalo 2" - And it just became a Vimeo Staff Pick!

Checkout this article from "Short of the week" -

"Since we first featured Sean Dunne on our site 6-years-ago (with his surprisingly charming insight into the life of bowling hustler Rocky Salemmo), his relentless filmmaking has now seen him clock-up 8 short films (including this one), one medium-length film (if that’s how you describe a 50-minute film?) and two features – not a bad output for 8-years of filmmaking. With his latest film, the documentarian attempts once again answer one of life’s greatest questions…what is a Juggalo?

Returning to the sub-culture that served him well (his original film clocked up over 2m views on Vimeo) back in 2011 with his original American Juggalo short, Dunne’s latest film offers an insight into the life of wheelchair bound Insane Clown Posse fan Alexander Perkins a.k.a “Less Legs”.

Where his first short seemed intent on capturing the mindset of a whole bunch of Juggalos and Juggalettes, this latest exploration into the world of ICP fans is a much more personal affair. Describing himself as “just some ninja…just somebody from nowhere trying to have fun”, Perkins is a larger-than-life character, but you’d expect nothing less in a Sean Dunne film.

As always with Dunne’s filmmaking, his attitude shines through in his work. He has never seemed interested in making films to get a foothold in the industry, attract the attention of studio execs or win fancy awards and it’s this refreshing approach that always feels so beneficial to his work.

He tells stories he wants to tell, stories he wants to be heard and stories that truly make you consider your place in this world. From prescription painkiller addiction to the attendees of Trump Rally, these aren’t exactly cheery subjects, yet Dunne’s films never look to depress or deflate his audience, instead (as his Twitter bio suggests) his film are about “all love, always”.

As Perkins says at the end of this doc “every bit of love I get, it goes right back out” and that feels like the perfect tagline for Dunne’s filmmaking.

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